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Founded in 2013, HALO Project is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit.   The HALO Project mission is to heal children from hard places in need.  Our vision is to bring deep healing to children from hard places and their families all over the world.


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Halo Project for Oklahoma Foster and AdoptiveThe HALO Project was founded in 2013 by Jennifer Abney, Cindy Lee and Amy Gray. HALO (Healing Attachment Loving Outreach) was born out of a demanding need expressed by Oklahoma foster and adoptive parents. Parents were tired, frustrated, confused and ready to quit. They sought professional help but still did not feel empowered to help the children in their homes. These parents were suffering, their families were suffering and the dream of "one big happy family" had been replaced with "how are we going to survive?"


Recognizing that children who have experienced trauma often require more than counseling to heal, the HALO Project unites parent, counselors, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapist, speech pathologists, volunteers, and the medical community to meet the family's unique needs. HALO Project is designed after the amazing work of Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross at the Institute of Child Development at TCU. After years of research, Dr. Purvis and Dr. Cross developed TBRI® (Trust Based Relational Intervention) to meet the diverse needs of "children from hard places." The goal of the HALO Project is to utilize the TBRI® model to bring healing to Oklahoma children and families.

 For more information on Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross, please visit www.child.tcu.edu

Contact Information:

433 W Wilshire, Suite C

Oklahoma City, OK 73116


Email: admin@haloprojectokc.org


HALO Staff and Volunteers:

HALO Project Founders:

Jennifer Abney

Amy Gray

Cindy Lee


HALO Project Staff:

Cindy R. Lee, LCSW, LADC

Executive Director



Anna Barlow

Executive Assistant



HALO Project Clinical Team:

Katie Hayden, LCSW, LADC

Heather Askew, LCSW

Amber Given, LPC

Keelee Bright, LPC

Kris Bryant, LPC

Kiley Ellegard, LPC


HALO Project Admin Team:

Monique Wooten

Krystyn Sliger

HALO Project Board of Directors:

Amy Gray

Wendi Weaver

Kathryn Douglas

Lauren Sargeant

Stephanie Pok

HALO Project Advisory Council:

Leslie Rundell, PhD

Jennifer Abney, Executive Director of Angels Foster Family Network


HALO Project Partners:

Leslie Rundell PhD - Clinical Consultant

Shannon Roberson - Occupational Therapy Consultant

Emily Hathaway - Speech Therapy Consultant



HALO Buddies:

Jillian Hord, Jennifer Dishman, Paige Wilson & Kristyn Sliger