HALO Project is a non-profit 501(c)3.

HALO (Healing, Attachment, Loving, Outreach) Project is a 10-week intensive outpatient intervention designed to meet the unique and diverse needs of children in foster care, children that have been adopted or children that exhibit difficulty in the area of attachment.

HALO Project relies heavily on the Trust Based Relational Intervention model created by Dr. Karyn Purvis and Dr. David Cross at the TCU Institute of Child Development.

Families that participated in HALO Project experienced a decrease in relational frustration with their child, an increase in attachment, parenting confidence, and involvement.  Parents reported a decrease in problematic behaviors in their children and reported less frustration with the problematic behaviors.  Overall, all families reported an increase in compassion and understanding of their child and their unique history.


What Families are saying about HALO

“I think this is the best program to date to help save families willing to do the work to succeed.  Its hard work and having a small number of families and the team psychologist, OT, therapist etc, is vital support for ultimate success.”

     -Hillary Nikkel,  Mother of Adopted Child


“I feel like HALO has been the life vest thrown to us as we were about to drown and I wish every family with kids from hard places could get this training!”

      -Heather Gibson, Foster Mother


 “This program needs to be available in all the US States as soon as possible.”

      -Alejandro and Laura Ojeda-Nonzioli

Wanna Be a Buddy?

HALO provides a unique volunteer opportunity for individuals who have a heart for children in foster care and/or children who have been adopted.

Next Session of HALO Project

Halo offers the following sessions each year:

Fall Session: September - November

Spring Session: January - September

Summer Session: June - August 

Usually 6-8:00 PM but times vary by location


Angels Foster Family Network Offices

Henderson Hills Baptist Church

NorthCare  (Jan 2017)

Sunbeam Family Services (Jan 2017)